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BROOKLYN LOFTS is a small construction and building management company specializing in the restoration of historic buildings.
I am not a real estate broker so there is no fee for any of the residential lofts listed here. The buildings listed on this site are all historic 100+ year old Brooklyn buildings which fell into disuse and disrepair.
Light is the #1 concern when designing a live/work loft space, and all of the lofts were built with the artist in mind, including high ceilings, many windows, and lots of electrical outlets. The lofts come in all different sizes and shapes from 500 square feet to 3500 square feet.

Great care was taken to preserve original details of the old buildings during renovations which took place between 1998 and 2001. Old light fixtures, moldings, and other antique details were retained and protected from construction damage even when they served no purpose in the completed renovation.

All the basics are there but the lofts are not decorated or “designed” they are blank open spaces with basic, high quality appliances and fixtures. Every loft has a kitchen with a stainless steel sink and counter, one or more bathroom with ceramic tile, heat, hot water, and electricity.

All the lofts come with energy efficient windows and ultra efficient natural gas fired forced hot air furnaces. Each loft had its own gas and electrical meter with the local utility, Consolidated Edison and National Grid. A full time super is available for repairs. Many of the lofts have views of the river and Manhattan.

Most of the lofts have the original wood floors and brick walls. The lofts have no furniture or furnishing and the kitchens and bathrooms are simple with simple but reliable fixtures. Great care was taken in the installation of new infrastructure and all services (electrical, gas, water) were designed to be reliable. Unlike most residential buildings in New York City all Brooklyn Lofts buildings have an automatic fire supression sprinkler system throughout the buildings. All sprinkler systems are regularly inspected and maintained by a fire supression contractor.

All buildings have intercoms and coin-op laundry rooms. All lofts have 110 & 220 electrical service with a 220VAC outlet located near a window for an air conditioner.

All lofts are close to a subway station that will bring you to Manhattan.
Prices vary from loft to loft but are always reasonable and always a small fraction of what you would pay for the same space in Manhattan and most people prefer living in Brooklyn.
If you don't see anything available when you log on to the site please fill out a form to be notified when a loft becomes available.

-Paul Joffe / Owner

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